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Gift Guide 2017: Travel Bug

Gift Guide 2017 Travel Bug

1. Gray Malin Phone Case 2. Packing Cubes 3. Universal World Adapter 4. Kindle 5. Face Mask 6. Beauty Travel Kit 7. Travel Carry On Bag 8. Camera 9. Eye Mask 10. Noise Canceling Headphones 11. Passport Cover

It’s officially that time of year – gift guide season! I’m working on 12 gift guides this year (say whaaaaat?!) and hope to cover everyone you’re looking to buy for this year! This first one is basically for myself, since I’ve been bit by the travel bug hard in the last year. Some of these things I already have, and others are on my list, but I wanted to call out a few of my tried-and-true favorites.

Lo And Sons OG Travel Carry On Bag – this bag I’ve had for the last 3 years and cannot imagine using a regular purse as my carry on any longer. It has a padded pocket for your laptop, zipped and open pockets for organization, an outside zip where you can put your shoes so they don’t get the rest of your stuff dirty (really!) and an outside piece that allows you to slip the bag over your suitcase handle so you don’t need to carry it and it won’t fall. It’s pricey, I’ll give you that, but I travel almost monthly and this thing looks brand new. It holds a TON of stuff (my laptop, DSLR camera, headphones and carrying case, phone, snacks, shoes, scarf, and more). Pick this one up during their black friday sale and you will thank me later.

Bose Noise Canceling Head Phones: I’ve had my Bose noise canceling headphones for about 3 years, but only in the last year did I switch to wireless ones and they’ve been a game changer. Especially with the new iPhone removing the headphone jack, the wireless capability allows me to charge my phone on the plane while still listening to music. I’m an extremely nervous flyer, so the first thing I do when I sit down is put on my headphones and turn on noise canceling to silence the noise from the jet. It allows me to get into a zone and calm myself down a bit, and I can’t imagine flying without these.

Packing Cubes: I haven’t checked a bag in the last 3 1/2 years since I purchased these. Packing cubes have changed my traveling game and I cannot recommend them enough. Even though they don’t look like much, they’re a great way to compress your items and organize them. I like the double sided one that allows you to put wet or dirty laundry in one side because it’s water proof. I also use a small one to keep my socks and underwear in one place, but you can also organize your cords, makeup, workout clothes vs nicer items, and so much more.

Travel Beauty Kit: Another way I’ve not had to check a bag the last several years is by having specific travel sized products. This kit is a great way to have your shampoo, moisturizer, eye cream and more in travel sizes. It also comes with a quart size bag so you don’t need to keep using ziplock bags and throwing them away every time you have liquids. There are some phenomenal brands in this bag and I think the value is a steal.

Sleeping Eye Mask: I’ve found an eye mask to be one of my travel essentials, because you never know when the sun is going to shine in your face or the person next to you is going to turn on their overhead light in the middle of a pitch black flight. This one is silky, soft and comfortable, while still blocking out all the light (and being stylish, of course)

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