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Four Seasons Seattle Hollywood Facial Review

If you know me, you know I’m all about pampering yourself. I try to give myself a face mask once a week, paint my nails on a regular basis, take a bubble bath, and absolutely enjoy dessert every day! But when it comes to getting professionally pampered with a massage or facial, I usually only go once a year. Why is that? I think it can be easy to take 10 minutes at home, but when it comes to actually putting myself first, I have a hard time. I love to spoil other people, and put them first, but it is extremely necessary to take time to yourself and to take care of your body.

Seattle’s weather has been all over the board lately – sunny at 55 one day, snowing the next. My skin doesn’t know how to react! I’ve been breaking out all over my face; something I usually don’t have to worry about. So, a few weeks ago I reached out (on twitter!) about making a facial appointment at the Four Seasons Seattle Spa. I haven’t had a facial in probably a year and a half to two years. They were kind enough to offer to host me and have me try out their Hollywood facial (the perfect name for it as it’s their must luxurious and makes you feel like a queen). It’s 80 minutes and by the time it was finished, I was convinced I needed to have an oxygen machine in my house (or a facialist on call like Madonna).

If you have never been to the Four Seasons Spa before, I cannot recommend it enough. Hands down it is my favorite spa in the city. While there are plenty of other places that give a good facial or massage, the Four Seasons just takes it to the next level and provide 5 star service and amenities at every single touch point.

When you check in at the spa desk, they take you back to the women’s room that is absolutely gorgeous. The rainfall showers, marble countertops, and steam room are all super luxe.

four seasons seattle spa

They have digital lockers you can use during your stay, and once you’re changed into your robe and slippers you can go into their waiting room before your appointment. There you can enjoy dried fruit and spa water (when I was in there they had coconut water and cucumber water) while you sit with blankets on their couches or lounge chairs.

four seasons seattle spa

Now, onto the main event – the Hollywood Facial! It started off with a skin assessment to determine what sorts of products would be best for me. She started off with a double cleanse – one with her hands, and the other with the Clarisonic. I’ve had my Clarisonic since about 2006 and they’re absolutely incredible. The spa uses Eminence products, which are an organic skincare line out of Hungary.

eminence skincare four seasons seattle spa

The Hollywood Facial has 4 main parts to it – a glycolic peel, microdermabrasion, a collagen mask, and an oxygen blast. First up – the glycolic peel. I had never had a glycolic peel before, and truly I was a bit nervous about getting it because I can have sensitive skin. But I can honestly say that 5 days later my skin looks beautiful and I never had any sort of reaction to the peel. Glycolic acid is used for treating acne, as well as wrinkles and age spots/discoloration. She applied it with a brush, and it felt so relaxing! When she left it on for a few minutes, it did tingle a bit, but nothing painful or burning.

glycolic peel four seasons seattle spa hollywood facial

The next step was microdermabrasion. I’ve never had any sort of microdermabrasion before, but I definitely had some clogged pores and dead skin cells I needed to remove, and this was the tool to do it. It simultaneously gently sands the skin, while this vacuum-like hose sucks up all the gunk! Super technical review, I know 😜  but my skin felt baby soft afterwards. It helps unclog your pores (and remove any blackheads, which I definitely had around my nose) and remove dead skin cells that are sitting on the top layer on your skin’s surface.

microdermabrasion four seasons seattle spa hollywood facial

The third step – prepare your eyes because it’s a bit scary looking – is the collagen mask. This mask that she applied to my face was made out of pure collagen, vs just the sheet masks I use at home. Collagen masks can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote smoother skin texture, and help restore or maintain your skin’s elasticity. It felt like jelly on my face, and it had a cooling effect that was extremely refreshing. You can see she also put the mask over my lips, to help plump them up a bit as well!

collagen mask four seasons seattle spa hollywood facial

The final step was the oxygen blast. This was a wand that she used to blast a stream of pressurized oxygen onto the skin to seal in the moisture and products that she had applied earlier. According to my research, oxygen treatments are supposed to hydrate skin immediately, making the face appear smoother and plumper. Crystal, who does the social media and PR for the Four Seasons Seattle, mentioned how she had their oxygen facial a few times before her wedding and her skin had never looked so youthful or plump.

oxygen facial four seasons seattle spa hollywood facial

The 80 minutes seemed to fly by (part of that was how much fun we were having in there taking photos and chatting!) but my skin felt and looked absolutely amazing at the end. Here is a before and after:

Before and after Four Seasons Seattle Hollywood Facial

You can see the tone of my skin looks more even, and some of the redness and spots on my chin are diminished. 5 days later, my skin is completely clear and all of my blackheads and acne spots are gone! I’ve stayed away from makeup for the most part since in order to have my skin be able to breathe and I think it’s definitely contributed. But the one day I did wear makeup, I could absolutely tell a difference in how it applied and looked on my skin.

Now, a fun part – a gift for you! Starting March 1st, the first 5 people to book the Hollywood Facial at the Four Seasons Seattle gets a free gift! And it’s gooooood. It’s the Arctic berry peel & peptide illuminating system. It’s an exfoliating treatment, activating serum, and illuminating moisturizer. There are 12 treatments included, so you could literally use one treatment a week for 3 months, or one treatment a month for a year. #YayMath

eminence skincare gift with purchase four seasons seattle spa hollywood facial

Overall, I could not recommend this facial more. My skin looks and feels like a million bucks and I will absolutely not be waiting another year and a half to go back in and have this treatment! The staff and environment at The Four Seasons (in general, not just the spa, but that’s a blog post for another day) are other worldly and if you’re looking to be pampered, there’s no better spa in the city. Let me know if you have any questions about the facial, or the spa in general. I leave you with an obligatory spa robe selfie!

four seasons seattle spa robe

Photos taken by myself and Crystal Southcote

Facial provided in kind by Four Seasons Seattle Spa, however all opinions are my own. I’ve had several spa services at The Four Seasons over the years that I’ve paid for and I will continue to give them all of my hard earned dolla dolla billz over the coming years.

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