Winter 2017 Bucket List

Winter is a bittersweet season for me. On one hand, I love the holidays, snow, hot chocolate, and wearing my earmuffs. On the other hand, I hate being cold, it’s raining here in Seattle pretty much 24/7, and it gets dark so early! But I really want to make the most of the season and try to take advantage of what the season has to offer, instead of living in the future and getting antsy until spring arrives.  So, here is a list of the things I’d like to do in the coming weeks and months. The first day of spring is March 20th, so I only have about 2 months to accomplish all of these things!

1. Go Ice Skating
I used to go in high school ALL THE TIME (mostly because we were underage and couldn’t go anywhere else haha) but I remember having a BLAST! And there is an indoor ice skating rink not too far from my house, so I definitely need to lace up my skates and try again!

2. Take another trip to Whistler, BC
I’ve been to Whistler a handful of times, but last year about 14 of us rented an amaaaazing house and skied for 3 full days. It was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken. The snow was amazing, the house was stunning (picture floor to ceiling windows, a hot tub a steam shower AND a sauna, and just a few minute drive from Whistler Village) and it was great to have so many friends from different walks of life come together for such a memorable trip. I hope to make it back up there this winter.

3. Try 10 new bars and restaurants
It’s really easy to get in a restaurant rut – I feel like every time I meet someone for happy hour, I suggest Black Bottle (their blasted broccoli is to die for). Seattle is such a foodie town and I swear there is a new bar or restaurant popping up every single day. There is NO reason why I should be eating at the same 5 restaurants over and over again. Bonus points if I explore one per neighborhood!

4. Officially commit to skiing
I’ve been up at the mountain since I was 3 years old. I grew up skiing, and then in 6th grade I switched over to snowboarding. Over the last 2 or so years, I’ve dabbled in skiing a bit again, and I really would like to switch back. The problem is I don’t have the skis or boots, so I only go about twice a year when I can rent, which leads me to never get any better at skiing and unable to make the official transition. This year, I want that to change!

5. Read three books
Okay, this may not seem like a huge deal to some of you, but I am not a fast reader. I adore reading, but I only really make time to read before bed. However, reading puts me to sleep…do you see where I’m going here? Let’s just say it took me about 9 months to finish Girl On The Train 😂  If you have any book recommendations that are quick reads, please let me know! I just picked up Big Little Lies and Behind Closed Doors.

6. Take a winter themed cooking class
If you know me, you know I love to cook. However I can get stuck in a rut and make super simple things – baked chicken and veggies, tacos, soups, etc. I’m not super experimental in my own kitchen, and I think it’s because I’m not creative enough to come up with the recipes. Every time I go to a cooking class at The Pantry in Ballard (highly recommend if you’ve never been!) I leave feeling inspired and always have a blast while I’m there. I’d love to add a few winter recipes to my repertoire.

7. Have a cookie decorating party
For the past several years, my mom, sister and I make holiday treats before Christmas time. We blast music, dance and sing around the kitchen while making 3 or 4 different treats. This year, my sister couldn’t make it to Seattle but she’s coming in March so I can’t wait to have a cooking decorating and baking party while she’s in town!

8. Roast s’mores in our fireplace
In our new house, we have two fireplaces – one upstairs, and one downstairs. We also just had 8 trees taken down (CHA CHING $$$) so we have firewood for DAYSSSSS. While a gas fireplace is beautiful, there is nothing that can replace a real wood burning fireplace in my opinion, and I’d like to put ours to good use by having some friends over and roast s’mores while we drink wine and watch a movie!

9. Escape the cold for a weekend
Let’s face it – February is the worst month. It’s short, dark, and freezing all the time. I want to go someplace warm to escape the cold for a few days, be it Arizona, California, or even Texas.

10. Start a bullet journal
I’ve recently become OBSESSED with the idea of creating a bullet journal. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this video here explains how it’s set up and the idea behind it. I wish I’d known about this sooner, because I can’t tell you how many planner pages I’ve wasted over the years being blank, or how many to-do lists or random notes I’ve lost in 80 different notebooks. Yay to getting organized!

What is your bucket list this winter? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear! 

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