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DIY Gold and Marble Bar Cart – Ikea Hack

DIY Ikea Bar Cart Gold and Marble

For the last few years, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a bar cart. I’ve loved the look of having your alcohol, mixers, glasses and everything out on display in a pretty way. So when we moved into the house, I knew it was the first DIY project that I was going to do (besides paint the entire house…that is a story for another day). I’m hardly the first person to do this, but it’s such a easy DIY that makes a huge difference, I thought I’d share. I purchased the Utility Cart from Ikea (it’s $30 you guys…no brainer), some gold spray paint, and marble contact paper. You can make yourself a beautiful bar cart for under $60. The cheapest bar cart I could find was $130 at Target, and several hundred at West Elm! Here is what the bar cart looks like originally from Ikea:

The entire thing is metal. You will need to put it together yourself, but it isn’t too difficult. I would recommend putting the entire thing together first. Then, go ahead and cover the shelves with newspaper and the wheels with painters tape so it will remove easily. You’ll want to spray paint all of the railings gold – it may take 2 coats. Let dry completely before putting on a second coat – about an hour or so. Once you’re done painting, simply stick the contact paper over the top of each shelf. You can cover each shelf completely, but I found it got to be a bit tricky with the thickness of the corners. That’s it – told you it was simple!

DIY Ikea Bar Cart

As for how I style my bar cart, I put my bottles on the bottom, glasses and mixers on the middle shelf, and lemons/limes, my shaker, jigger, and cocktail book on the top shelf. Simple but it is pretty and organized!

DIY Ikea Bar Cart

Let me know if you have any questions on this super simple DIY!

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